We have a nice sauna raft that you can rent. We call it “the floating barrel” It can be used as an activity in connection with our boat trips and conferences or if someone wants to rent it for their own activity. There is an engine on it so you can simmer out and find your own bay. The sauna raft is a prisoner in northern Bunn because the bridge at Roten is too low. The raft carries 10 people but not everyone can fit in the sauna at the same time. 6 people at a time is enough. The sauna is wood-fired so it will be a wonderful heat. It is easily fired and the heat comes quickly. There are tables and chairs and a barbecue on board. Rent for four hours is SEK 1,400 incl. VAT. If you are more than six people, a fee of SEK 200 per person will be added.

You have your own towels with you.